Lady Gaga And Her Raw Meat Outfit

LOL. This woman lives in a world of her own, peroid! WTF? I mean, who does this mara, heh?

At first I thought they were just playing around, until I had a good look att this picture. LOL. Checkout the shoes, hay! Noooo!

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Pardon The Silent Treatment

It has been a hectic two weeks for seeing that I wasn’t feeling too good. This has caused a downfall regarding posts as I failed to keep ypu guys updated. But I’m very much pleased to say that I’m back and I do promise to to let you know suppose everything like this is to happen again.

Thanks you for your patients, it’s highly appreciate!

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Get Paid To Tweet

Twitter has elevated enormously over the past couple of years (or months, maybe). Like many, I joined @twitter last year, but spent almost 3months without tweeting as I wasn’t exactly sure how it works. The whole system of ‘following’ and being followed (followers) got the better of me. But today ne? Haa shem! I TWEET HARD!

Anyway, I couldn’t believe it when I first read this. Apparently you can get paid for your tweets. Yes! GET PAID FOR YOUR TWEETS! Now the very first thing that came to my mind was whether this is legit or not. Could this be a way of promoting @twitter, or is this one of the things people do in order to cash in on @twitter‘s success?

Get paid up to $5 per Tweet! Tweet about web sites, products, services, and companies and earn up to $5 per Tweet

Reach 500,000 Twitter users in an instant for as low as $0.25. PaidPerTweet lets you hire Twitter users to blast your link, ad or announcement to 100s of thousands of Twitter followers in an instant.

Now how do you go about doing this? Who qualifies? How do you qualify?Reckon this is legit? I don’t know, you tell me! Mara if this is true ne, then trust me, you gon be seeing a whole lot of my tweets from now onwards, LOL.

Do you follow @KimKardashian? Do you know how much she gets paid to tweet those things to you? If I were to text it here you’d probably think I’m being crazy, wouldn’t you? Then how about you get to hear this for yourself 😉

Follow me: @Lolocation

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Vuvuzela Enters The Oxford Dictionary

Yes! You read right, you ain’t losing your sight. “Our” vuvuzela has recently been added to the latest edition of the Oxford Dictionary.

London – The vuvuzela, the horn instrument which became the sound of this summer’s football World Cup in South Africa, has won an entry in the latest edition of the Oxford Dictionary of English, which was published today.

The dictionary, which is based on how language is really used, defines the horn as a long plastic instrument, in the shape of a trumpet, that makes a very loud noise when you blow it and is popular with football fans in South Africa(IOL)

Now ain’t you just proud to be South African (for my SAfrican readers. Pardon me if you’re from elsewhere)? 🙂

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Toddlers Rocking ’em Skiny Jeans?

First of all let me start by saying I HAVE NEVER! LOL. As I was browsing through one of the sites I happen to visit often, I came across an interesting heading which cracked me up before I could even see the actual story. I mean, seriously now, a toddler in skiny jeans? How worse does it get? Imagine the new member in the family rocking in one of these…

Hahahaha! Anyway, I don’t wear skiny jeans merely because they do NOT define the kinda person I am. I feel as though they were actually meant for women, but WE MEN (LOL.) went right ahead and started wearing them too. If you’re a guy and got one too then hey…, good for you buddy ;-). Anyway, this is how the article went down.

First there were denim diapers. Now there are baby skinny jeans. We should have seen this coming.

All the cool kids in day care are rocking skinny denim from Baby Gap, the Wall Street Journal reports. The Gap offers skinnies for kids as little as zero to three months, and the style makes up more than 40 percent of its denim sales for infants and toddler girls, and more than 70 percent for older girls.

The Gap isn’t the only store peddling the tight-legged toddler style; similar styles crowd the racks at the kids’ versions of J. Crew, Levi’s and American Eagle Outfitters.

Why the rise in popularity? According to the Journal, moms want their daughters to be Mini-Mes, so designers tend to simply shrink down adult styles for the little ones. Of course these jeans aren’t exact mimics: there’s much more room in the top half of the pants, and the smallest sizes have elastic waistbands. The changes help make room for those pesky diapers.(Time)

Hay ke! Hi swaleswo (there you have it). So like…, what’s next? Toddlers rocking ’em nikey airforces too? Imagine yourself walking around with a toddler (or infant) who’s probably got a better swag than yours, haha!

Twitter: @Lolocation

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Three65Network Reaches 1000 Members in Less Than Two Months

The Three65Network will be two months old in a couple of days and already the response from you guys has been beyond this world. Today, I waited in anticipation as I hoped to see the digits that indicate the number of people in a group change from 3 to 4 significant figures :-). To all the members, thank you ever so much for the support. As for those who aren’t members just YET (LOL.), how can I ever forget y’all? I do hope you’ll be joining us soon. The Vibe as well as other Three65Network Productions have recieved a lot of hits from you and for that, na khensa!

The Three65Network will continue to bring you the best news and things happening all over the world as promised. The group has certainly been the breakthrough and I hope that we will continue to grow together. 🙂

Kind regards,
Maxelo Chauke

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Trevor Noah – The Daywalker

LORL. I cracked my a** out the first time I watched Trevoh Noah‘s The Daywalker, literally! Now this is for some of y’all who haven’t watched it yet. Suppose you have then, well…., go right ahead and watch it again, LOL.




That’s about all I can hook you up with. Are you stressed? Often having dull moments and in need of something to cheer you up? Then you should really try by all means to get your hands on “DW”, you will NOT be dissapointed, trust. He, for me, is giving Katt Williams a run for his money, LOL. As for David Kau himself, well…, LOL! I’ll leave it at that 🙂

I hope you had a great laugh. To top that up, have yourselves an awesome day 🙂

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Killing Me Softly Remix, LMFOA.

Hahahahaha! This chick, kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! She should audition again this year. Remix, remix, remix. Woza! Woza! Woza! Ngwazi, ngwazi, ngwazi! LMFAORRRRRRRRFL.

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Guess Who’s Back

It was just a couple of days ago (around two weeks back) that I posted my last entry notifying you guys of my to-be-upcoming absence. I have returned and now happy to say…, I’m baaaaaaaaaack! 😀

The holidays felt short but nonetheless well spent. I got a chance to visit my grandma, whom I hadn’t seen in a couple of months, as well as see some of my many friends who school so far away from me. But the fun is over now, it’s back to reality – the schools have reopened and so are the Three65Productions! (I shall let you in on what Three65Productions actually is in a couple of days). As for now, I just wanted to publicly announce my return 😉

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Away For A While

Three65Vibe is a community and so I find it best to let you all know about what I think is important. It has been an awesome two weeks for Three65Vibe, no doubt about that but I’m afraid there will be no posts from me until further notice. My next article/entry will probably be around two weeks frrom now, not later than that though. The reason being, I’m now edging out of the concrete jungle – it’s time I started spending my school holidays with family rather than isolating myself here in Johannesburg. If I do manage to kick in a post or two, you will be the first to know.

Happy Holidays! Enjoy the world cup, though there have been a couple of surprises with some of the big teams out of the tournament, hehe! Who’s your money on now?

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